Flex that Memory Muscle: Three Partners Promote Healthy Aging

“Today we’re continuing to focus on strategies that help us maintain and even improve our brain health,” says University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing student Laura Block. “Today’s brain health strategy is sleep,” says Block, …

Crafting Tools for Dementia Friendly Care and Communities

Charlie holds up a prescription bottle and looks at the pharmacist, confused. “You are not due for a refill on your metoprolol,” says the pharmacist. “I refilled this medication for you Tuesday. Remember?” “I need …

Geriatrics Education: Teaching for Tomorrow

“In order to improve geriatric care, we have to go upstream and help the educators who are preparing those who are entering nursing practice,” says Colleen Gullickson, PhD, RN, GNP, Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at Edgewood College’s Henry Predolin School of Nursing in Madison, Wisconsin.

Supporting Direct Care Staff: You Know Your Residents, We Know the Research

Direct care workers meet the daily needs of older adults in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and continuing care retirement communities, and greatly impact the care provided by hospitals and home health agencies. Yet most have limited access to educational opportunities. The CARE conference is changing that.