CARE Affiliate Program

What Is The CARE Affiliate Program?

CARE Affiliates work to improve the health and well-being of older adults through nursing leadership, discovery, education, and practice.

CARE’s Affiliate Program promotes inter-professional collaboration and community engagement.  We welcome the active participation of faculty researchers and clinical experts, academic staff, and graduate students with varied interests and approaches related to aging, older adult health and wellness, and long-term care.

Benefits of Affiliation

While dependent on each person’s focus and level of engagement with CARE, the benefits of affiliation include:

  • Opportunities to share, receive and discuss timely information related to campus and community events, research, health initiatives, publications, grants, awards, conferences, curriculum, continuing education, and other topics of interest;
  • Venues to propose, promote, participate in and plan collaborations related to service learning, community projects, scholarship, research and teaching;
  • Participation in campus and community events that offer learning, leadership, community service, networking, research and/or recruitment opportunities;
  • Connections to community organizations and leaders, as well as faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students across campus; and
  • Promotion of activities and accomplishments via the CARE newsletter, website, social media and other outreach materials.

Becoming a CARE Affiliate

If you are interested becoming a CARE Affiliate, please submit a brief statement explaining how affiliation would further your goals and what you offer the CARE community, along with a resume, vita or other document detailing your experience, credentials and contributions related to aging, older adult health and long-term care to CARE’s Executive Director.

Annually, Affiliates propose a year-long plan with specific goals for their involvement with CARE, tailored to their interests, expertise and preferred level of engagement.  Affiliate appointments are for two years, with reviews providing an opportunity to reflect and ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Expectations of Affiliates

CARE’s Affiliate Program is designed to facilitate campus-community connections, involving health professionals across disciplines and others to transform quality of care and quality of life for older adults and their caregivers.

While the Affiliate experience is highly individualized, all CARE Affiliates are required to:

  • Submit an annual plan with specific goals for their involvement with CARE;
  • Review their Affiliate experience with CARE’s Executive Director at least once during the two-year term, to ensure the relationship remains relevant and mutually beneficial; and
  • Attend CARE events and meetings, as possible.

Other ways in which Affiliates may engage with CARE include:

  • Proactively sharing relevant information, such as aging-related community events and programs, significant speaking engagements, research projects and grant awards, including via the CARE listserv;
  • Assisting with CARE campus or community events, by presenting, helping prepare for or promoting it; and
  • Actively supporting CARE and our mission, among students, faculty, academic staff, professional associations, care providers, community groups, policymakers and others with an interest in aging, older adult health and long-term care issues.

CARE Affiliates are encouraged to include in their email signature:

Affiliate, Center for Aging Research and Education