Network Resources

The following were identified as helpful resources for teaching, research and practice related to older adult health by CARE Affiliates and Network members in September 2017.

  • CARE Affiliate Program – Promotes inter-professional collaboration and community engagement on projects around older adult health and well-being
  • Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education – Involves UW–Madison instructors across the health sciences, and can share information and resources across professions – contacts include director Jeanette Roberts (, nursing lead Paula Jarzemsky ( and Sue Wenker (
  • Clinical Resource Center – UW–Madison Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis resource with training modules and other educational resources for clinical staff working in nursing homes
  • Dane County Continuity of Care – Local housing, care and service providers who meet monthly for informational presentations and networking and welcome UW presenters. Get on their email list by contacting Carrie Kirkpatrick ( or Terri Brouchoud (
  • Dane County Dementia Care Specialist Program – Local liaison who works with families, advocacy organizations and dementia-friendly community efforts and is connected with many dementia-related projects across the county and state, including evidence-based programs; contact Joy Schmidt (
  • Edgewood College – Their School of Nursing hosts statewide annual Geriatric Nursing Education Conferences in the Madison area and worked with the Wisconsin Center for Nursing to collect teaching resources online
  • FrameWorks Institute – Messaging think tank that has worked with AARP, American Society on Aging, Gerontological Society of American and others to produce reports on how to frame language to help audiences (including students) understand aging while countering ageist assumptions (report brief) and another report on combating elder abuse
  • Geriatric Simulation Toolkit  – Implementation tools for four geriatric simulations, some of which are interprofessional. Developed by UW–Madison School of Nursing faculty members Paula Woywod, Kari Hirvela, and Barb King with support from CARE
  • Institute on Aging  – UW–Madison institute that administers the MIDUS (Midlife in the U.S.) study, runs an Osteoporosis Clinical Center & Research Program and organizes the Annual Colloquium on Aging