Waupun Community Coalition on Aging

The city of Waupun has a strong history of collaboration, as evidenced by the creation of REACH Waupun, a non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of disadvantaged youth, and a community initiative to forge a partnership with Agnesian Healthcare to prevent the closing of the city’s only skilled nursing facility. This same strong spirit of cooperation is already evident in the creation of a cross-functional Waupun Community Coalition on Aging, dovetailing nicely with 2018 city strategic planning initiatives to direct budget resources to support an aging in place strategy and develop a plan to achieve Dementia Friendly Community status. Waupun is leveraging strong relationships already in place, between local government, healthcare institutions, and the business community, including financial institutions, small business and industrial enterprise, and sees the Waupun Community Coalition on Aging as a natural extension of community infrastructure already in place.

A particular challenge for Waupun is an aging housing stock. A majority of homes (nearly 60%) were built prior to 1970, and need modifications to accommodate older adults. There are very few alternative housing options to meet the long-term needs of Waupun’s income-restricted and aging population.

The Waupun Community Coalition on Aging

Kathy Schlieve, City Administrator, Waupun

Deann Thurmer, COO, Agnesian Healthcare, Waupun Memorial Hospital

Ellie TenPas, Executive Director, Waupun Chamber of Commerce

Barb Wirkus, Director, Agnesian Healthcare, Christian Home.

Fawn Senn, Social Worker, Agnesian Healthcare, Christian Home

Bill Hoekstra, Member of the ADRC of Dodge County

Rachel Kaminski, Waupun Program Director, Recreation Department, Senior Center

Bret Jaeger, Library Directo r, City of Waupun

Jeremy Rasch, Deputy Chief, Waupun Police Department

BJ Demaa, Fire Chief, Waupun Fire Department

Julie Nickel, Mayor of Waupun

Olivia Gerritsen, Health Educator, ADRC, Dodge County

Robert Griesel, Dementia Care Specialist, ADRC, Dodge County

Tom Thompson, CEO, Visiting Angels

Michelle Tidemann, UW Extension